Real estate appraisal has a wide range of uses. From financing, to property sale, asset valuation, partnerships, legal disputes, and of course, taxation purposes. Whether you’re wondering the worth of your house when considering a sale, or are entering into tense partnership negotiations commercially, you can benefit from the services of a real estate appraiser.

With more than 25 years in residential and commercial appraisal, Wernick Omura has extensive experience in real estate assessment.

At this time, you will need independent and unbiased opinions, that can help you to make the best decision for yourself financially when dealing with the purchase or sale of a property in Edmonton.

Residential Appraisal

When you invest in the residential appraisal services of Wernick Omura, you’ll be provided with all the details you could ever want about your Edmonton home, or as a buyer, the home you will be potentially purchasing.

We’ll evaluate the local market and inform you of anything that could raise the value of your home higher than expected, or lower it from the current expected price.

As a seller, home appraisal will help you to be realistic about what to expect. While sometimes this number is lower than desired, many times it is higher and provides you with insight you would not otherwise have had.

When you hire a real estate appraiser as a buyer, you’ll be able to tell if the agent selling to you is being truthful. Real estate assessment is especially useful on the buyer’s end to ensure they get exactly what they pay for.

Commercial Appraisal

Commercial appraisal takes the process to the next level, as generally the stakes are higher. Wernick Omura adheres to a strict ethical code when inspecting and assessing commercial properties in Edmonton.

Depending on the size and purpose of the property, pricing will be quite different. With restricted use reports being the most affordable, the most expensive reports are self-contained and provide the client with every bit of information they could possibly require, and then some!

On average, summary reports are the most useful to a wide range of commercial property owners.

Commercial appraisal is a valuable investment for business owners, and as someone in a complicated and stressful position, you’re going to want the best real estate appraisers on hand to put your mind at ease. At Wernick Omura, we put our 25+ years to work for our clients, taking care of all the details so they can concentrate on other tasks.

Reliable Real Estate Assessment

Edmonton home and business owners know that they can rely on Wernick Omura for their real estate appraisal needs. Our team of certified appraisers are genuinely interested in and dedicated to the work that they do, setting them apart from the rest.

This is not just a job to us, this is our passion—and it shows. Our appraisals are completed efficiently and effectively to please even the most discerning clients.

Give us a call today if you have questions or would like to get started with your residential or commercial appraisal.